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Croda Phase Change Materials

What are Phase Change Materials?

Phase change materials (PCMs) are substances with a high enthalpy of fusion, also known as latent heat, meaning they can store large quantities of heat energy as they change phase. When melting, they absorb heat and maintain the temperature of the environment at a certain value until completely molten. When the temperature of the environment falls below the crystallisation temperature, the PCM will start to solidify, releasing large quantities of heat and maintaining the temperature until completely solid.

CrodaThermTM is a range of biobased phase change materials designed and manufactured by Croda. There are three categories of CrodaTherm phase change materials:

CrodaTherm Bullet point 6 Low temperature
CrodaTherm 5 and CrodaTherm 6.5 can be used in applications such as transportation, refrigeration and packaging.

bullet point 7 Ambient temperature
CrodaTherm 15, CrodaTherm 21, and CrodaTherm 29 can be used for applications like HVAC, construction, textiles and packaging.

bullet point 9 High temperature
CrodaTherm 53 can be used in electronics, heat storage, heat recovery and construction.