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Croda Phase Change Materials


Croda's low temperature phase change materials are perfect for use in the packaging and storage of temperature sensitive goods. The CrodaThermTM products in this range can be used to fill rigid or flexible containers and placed in close proximity to products to provide better temperature regulation.

CrodaThermTM 5 and CrodaTherm 6.5 can be used as a temperature regulator for the following:

  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Blood products
  • Organs
  • Food

In the majority of these applications, the required temperature is just above 0ºC and traditionally, water ice is used as the temperature regulating material. Because water ice melts at 0ºC, goods can be damaged by the freezing temperature and care will have to be taken to keep the goods away from direct ice contact. Extra tanks of moderating liquid water may also have to be used to keep the temperature above 0ºC, increasing mass and shipping costs. 

CrodaTherm 5 and 6.5 removes the risk of freeze damage and have high latent heat capacities, making them ideal for temperature sensitive shipping applications without large increases in mass. 

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