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Croda Phase Change Materials


Phase change materials are used in heating, ventilation and air conditioning applications to regulate room temperature of offices, schools and homes to create a more comfortable environment.

Croda's range of ambient temperature phase change materials, including CrodaThermTM 21 and 29 are ideal for this use as they will maintain a comfortable room temperature in both warm and cold climates. Phase change materials can be incorporated directly into HVAC systems.

During the day, when the room is warm, the system pulls external warm air across the charged PCM. This cools the air, which can then be circulated around the room, reducing the room temperature and creating a better environment to work or learn in.

At night the PCM is recharged by bringing cooler outside air across the PCM and it releases the heat it absorbed throughout the day.

HVAC systems incorporating phase change materials can reduce energy consumption by taking advantage of naturally lower outside temperatures at night to cool a room during the day.

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