Croda Industrial Chemicals
Croda Phase Change Materials


Ambient temperature PCMs can be used to regulate the temperature of buildings.

The PCMs can be incorporated using two different mechanisms:

  • Passive Cooling
  • Active Cooling

Passive Cooling

CrodaTherm 21 or CrodaTherm 29 can be macro-encapsulated into packs which can be used in walls or ceilings. The PCMs will absorb heat during the day and release it during the night. This process uses no energy.

Active Cooling

Active cooling works in a similar way to passive cooling, the PCMs will absorb heat during the day and release it at night. The difference is active cooling also uses a fan to pass the cool night air over the PCM, which increases the performance of the PCM during the day. Although energy is needed to power the fan, it is significantly less than that needed for standard air conditioning systems.

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CrodaTherm ambient temperature PCMs have been tested to RAL specifications and achieved category A performance, reaching 10,000 thermal (melt/solidify) cycles, which is equivalent to 30 years in service performance, thus proving long term stability and ensured performance for use in construction materials. Visit the RAL website for more information on the test specifications.